Workshop Saturday July 8th:

Review the Guillotine, Baby Chair and Small Apparatus in the context of how they will help the body and how they will advance other exercises in the system. This will tie into some of the concepts we will review in the “Connections Workshop” on Sunday.

9am – 1.30pm​
Mat Workout for everyone
Review Guillotine/Tower Review Small Apparatus

1.30 pm – 2.30pm

2.30pm – 4pm​
Review Baby Chair

Workshop Sunday July 9th:

Learn the tools to help you choose appropriate exercises on the apparatus reviewed on Saturday, to correct Clients’ imbalances and challenge their weakness.

9am – 1pm​
Mat Workout for everyone
Review Pedi-Pole Workshop Connections

1pm – 2pm
​Lunch Break

2pm – 4pm​
Workshop Connections

Lessons and Observation only for Workshop Participants on Friday July 7th:

Before Lunch and at the end of the day, Karen will discuss the corrections, exercises and underlying theme of each lesson.

Workshop Fees:

  • Early Bird until April 15th 2017:​ CHF ​860.—
  • Regular Price after April 15th until May 30th:​ CHF​ 970.—
  • Late Payment after May 30th :​ CHF 1,150.—


  • Private Lesson: CHF 175.—
  • Semi Private: CHF​98.—/Person

Payment and Registration:

To register please contact us and send us the following details:

  • Name, Last Name
  • Address
  • Lesson: yes or no
  • Details you need on your Invoice

Bank details for the payment will be sent after registration.
Participation of Workshop and Lessons are confirmed after receiving payment.

Where to stay:

Below Hotels, walking distance from the Studio: